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Athena works in a simple way

Create prompts with
unique links
Create custom prompts to share with your members. (Similar to URL shorteners or Bitly links)
Share prompts anywhere
Whether on Facebook, email or the like, members can watch your kick-off video
Members watch and respond
Members can easily record their own responses and watch others on their own time

What can you do with Athena?

Show & Tell with Community
Share personal stories or demo activities to share with others
Accountability for Online Course
Bring course material to life through asynchronous check-ins on learnings
Time Capsule
Witness transformation and growth through watching personal before and afters
Organic Testimonials & Feedback
Discover clips from member responses for social media to showcase your offerings
Speaking Confidence
uild confidence through establishing their voice
Daily Challenges
Build anticipation for upcoming programs through driving accountability

Know our Features

Share prompts where you already have your members. No need for a new platform.

I try to have as few tools as possible and Athena does a great job with flexibility.
Julie H., Life coach

Asynchronous videos allows members to watch and share their thoughts on their own time.

My members are so busy it's hard to coordinate calls. Athena enables us to have few live sessions and still build friendships.
Karla P., Wellness course creator

More than text, videos bring your space to life with facial expressions and tonality for deeper human connection.

My community is so much more lively after I started sharing my prompts with Athena.
James K., Community builder
Athena makes sharing videos easy, fun and engaging. Get personal without scheduling.
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