Athena and Circle Integration

August 9, 2021

We're excited to announce our integration with Circle! 🎉

You're now able to engage your members and clients right in the platform and in a lively and personable way.

Tamara and I, cofounders of Athena, met in an online community - at a live event. We instantly realized we had the same personal mission deeply rooted in community and authentic connections. After this initial conversation, we continued to chat about projects and opportunities to collaborate.

Upon reflections, we realized that so many community members miss out on these serendipitous and magical moments that happen during live events. Many communities hold live events but attendance rates are low due to time zone and zoom fatigue. At the same time, community platforms today are designed for transactional, information-gathering - not building authentic human relationships.

Therefore, Athena is bringing these magical moments straight to Circle. We use asynchronous video for members to hear and see each other - on their own time - to start long-lasting relationships. As the leader of the community, you create fun and engaging prompts. Your members record and share their responses and watch those of other members in the community.

Curious what it looks like in Circle?

And a more in-depth walkthrough.

We can't wait to have you try it out!

💌 Please email and we're happy to assist you.