Athena and Slack Integration

July 2, 2021

We're excited to announce our integration with Slack! 🎉

You're now able to engage your members and clients right in the platform and in a lively and personable way.

As the leader, you can create fun and engaging prompts. Your members record and share their responses and watch those of other members in the community.


Think of these as mini-events

  1. Have your members feel special: they ARE the event. Every member has their unique superpower and story to share. Let them shine. No need for speakers and panelists.
  2. Quick set up for each Athena prompt: max 2 minutes. It doesn't require finding speakers, scheduling, planning content, and all the logistical coordination that comes with planning live events. Save yourself time.
  3. Connections can become lifelong bonds: members from across multiple time zones and geographies rarely have the opportunity to meet each other on zoom events. This will enable them hear from others.
  4. All on their own time: asynchronous video allows us all with busy lives to watch and participate when we're able to. And the short 70-second formats keep all the responses short, consumable and engaging.


Curious what it looks like in Slack?

Quick show and tell. Don't let us brag too much!


And a more in-depth walkthrough from one of the founders.


Want to start a mini-event? We can't wait to have you try it out!

💌 Please email and we're happy to assist you.